IFTEX Kenya 2023

Jun 26, 2023 | Events

This year’s Kenya show was a great success. We received many visits from our customers, flower buyers, and rose growers, interested in SB Talee’s wide range of colors. We received comments such as that we are the best carnation breeder and that we have the most innovative varieties.   

We had the opportunity to further research their flower market and were able to identify something very interesting about the roses produced in Kenya. The demand for this flower has decreased significantly due to oversupply in the markets they serve in Europe, the United Kingdom and the Middle East and this has made it an unprofitable product for companies. As a result, companies are currently looking to diversify their crops with summer flowers and interest in carnations has been awakened, which is why they have contacted us to start trials with our varieties.   

Additionally, the commercial team did an incredible job, making our work visible and calling the attention of some companies that consider our varieties interesting, making them want new orders for next year’s planting program based on the colors that are in trend at that moment.   

On the other hand, we know that the opinion of our current customers is important and in order to improve the product we asked them about their perception about our products and it was quite positive, they are very happy with the performance of our varieties, and the probabilities of placing new orders in August are quite high.



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