SB Talee 60 years Birthday!

Nov 1, 2022 | Events

On October 27, 2022, SB Talee, a company dedicated to the breeding of carnations and different species of the Dianthus genus and to the propagation and commercialization of its innovative varieties in Colombia and a large number of countries around the world, celebrated its 60th anniversary at the main hall of the Country Club of Bogota. 

More than 280 guests attended the commemoration event, which also honored the departure of its founder, Duke Forese Salviati, an exceptional man of excellent values and virtues who loved Colombia, its people, and was passionate about flowers. That is why this celebration commemorated the legacy of Don Forese, which today transcends in the world floriculture. 

The event began with the awards given by the General Manager, Mr. Celiar Noreña and his wife, Sandra Medina. They highlighted the work of its founder and 16 other people between employees and customers who have accompanied SB Talee since its inception. The president of Asocolflores, Dr. Augusto Solano, on behalf of the Association, surprised the audience with a heartfelt recognition to SB Talee of Colombia by awarding a commemorative plaque for its 60th anniversary.  

A magnificent conference given by the Italian breeder and biologist Andrea Mansuino entitled: “Genetic breeding of flowers: An authentically Italian story” narrated the events of plant breeding for a little more than a hundred years in San Remo, Italy, as well as the importance of the work of growers and breeders who have contributed so much to this industry. 

The Opera show with more than 10 lyrical singers on stage, who took the audience on a journey around Italy and Colombia with beautiful interpretations in which the characters and scenery evoked the architecture and landscapes of both countries, caused great excitement among the guests. 

One of the most significant moments of the event took place when Celiar Noreña introduced a new variety of red carnation in honor of the company’s founder, naming it “Forese”: ” When are we going to have a true star red carnation variety?  Duke Salviati kept asking himself… I think we have found it. It has a 26-week cycle to first flush, a large flower size with more than 80% select grade, it can be kept in cold storage up to 3 weeks, traveling very well and with an extraordinary color. It is a great responsibility for us to name a variety after our founder,” said Celiar Noreña in his speech. 

The celebration culminated with a magnificent fireworks show in the garden in front of the lake, showing at the end the new company logo composed by the fireworks. All guests enjoyed a pleasant evening with plenty of meetings between friends, and hugs full of emotion and feeling.



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