The beginning of breeding in Colombia

Aug 19, 2022 | Blogs

The tropical conditions which allow to grow flowers all year round, made possible to transfer the breeding and development program of varieties from Italy to Colombia in 1998. A team of Colombian professionals achieved in some years, an innovative offer of optimum varieties for local growers, positioning SB Talee as a leader supplier of the highest quality vegetal material among Colombian growers. 

The potential of the breeding program is infinite: suitable varieties for production in Mediterranean and seasonal climates, with appropriate shapes and colors for varied markets are developed for the purpose of growth and expansion of SB Talee horizons: the company takes the challenge to conquer the main carnation growing regions in the world.     

In 2022, SB Talee reaches 60 years of activity being distinguished and recognized by innovation, high quality, compliance, and punctuality in delivery of its products. 

More than 3000 varieties are kept in the genetic bank of the company. Every year, they are carefully reviewed and some of them chosen as the parents that, through professional crossing plans will produce around 60.000 seeds. Four years of accurate selection and evaluation of these codes will give rise to the new commercial varieties.



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